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Timothy Reynolds
United States

Just moments ago, I found out in the comments section of the official Digimon America page (ran by Saban), that Digimon may be returning as early as next spring 2015! As many of us already are aware, Digimon Xros Wars (Fusion) is currently airing in the U.S. and Mexico.…

This website explains the possible storyline of the new series, with the Digidestined in High School. Taichi, Yamato and Sora respectively are projected to be 17, which would make Jyou 18, Mimi 16, Izzy 16, Yolie 14 while T.K., Kari, Ken and Davis would be starting their Freshman years in High School and Cody in the 6th or 7th grade.

Another source confirms the possible return.…

It remains unclear as to whether or not the 02 Digidestined will be in the series, but here's to hoping that it is. It is reported however that it is not just for Digidestined in Japan, but for 'All the Digidestined in the world', squashing the rumor that it would only be a special.

Another bit of exciting news is that Joshua Seth (the American voice of Tai) has indeed stated in several interviews that he will return to the series if asked. I'm sure that we can also count on other familiar voices to return as well, since the voices for Sora and Ken, are currently voicing several characters in Digimon Fusion, most notably as Akari and Zenjirou (I won't use their American versions names). I would also count on Lara Jill Miller to reprise her role as Kari since she has been a big fit in the Digimon franchise also playing Miss Nami Asaji in Tamers. I bet even Robert Axelrod, whom I know personally, would come back as Armadillomon and his digivolutions and here's to hoping that he can bring Wizardmon's voice back to life.

Here's to hoping!
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